What is anxiety? It’s the feeling of nervousness, many describe it as butterflies in the stomach. Which we all feel from time to time in daily life in situations like when we have an exam coming up, or an interview.

If we imagine that exam going wrong or that interview not working out we feel anxious, this is a form of negative self-hypnosis. So what is anxiety? It is the resulting feeling we get from imagining a negative expectation that something fearful might happen in the future. Feelings like this usually dissipate once the situation passes or a positive outcome for that future situation is expected, a form of positive self-hypnosis. These feelings are natural and help us to prioritize and deal with stressful situations and circumstances in our lives in an appropriate and effective way.

What is anxietyBut what happens if these feeling don’t go away when the situation improves? When a person feels stressed or anxious over a period of time, perhaps six months or more, and the cause isn’t apparent, this person is said to be suffering from anxiety.

Therefore, what is anxiety, it is a serious condition in which a person is unable to control feelings of stress and may feel unable to handle everyday life. This is usually because of their thinking patterns. Most people that suffer from anxiety have the following thinking patterns:-

1. They tend to think negativity
2. They do worst case thinking
3. They worry more than normal
4. They talk to them self in a critical voice

Anxiety can have a serious impact on a sufferer’s life they don’t learn how to deal with anxiety, making simple tasks feel impossible and daily situations incredibly hard to cope with. It can also have an impact of both mental and physical health.

According to Harvard Health Publications, people with anxiety are at a greater risk of developing a range of chronic medical conditions. They may also suffer from more severe symptoms during an episode of illness and be at a greater risk of death when they become ill. So learning how to deal with anxiety is a very important skill.

Self-hypnosis has been shown to re-train the mind to take on new patterns of thinking to bring calmness and confidence. The Self Hypnosis Academy offers powerful video / audio self-hypnosis courses on how to deal with anxiety once and for all

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