Is Negative Thinking Interfering with Your Joy of Life?

Negative thinking is a behaviour that often emerges from an innate ability to see the potential for bad outcomes. This ability has helped humans survive for many centuries and it can be very useful to you when you are objective. It helps you see the danger in some situations so you can avoid injury or loss. As long as your thoughts are founded in reality, they can help you make better choices for the future.

When those thoughts are overly negative they make you feel anxiety, they become a problem. Obsessively negative thinking takes away your ability to make decisions based on facts. When you always think something bad will to happen, it keeps you from doing things or taking chances.

Negative thinking often has an “all or nothing” quality. They are often broad, very general, and lack maturity. There are no facts to support your logic or your fear. You may predict a bad outcome without having a clear idea of what that outcome is.

Escaping the Nightmare of Negative Thinking

As a child, you may have had fears about monsters in the closet. At that young age, it was still hard to tell the difference between reality and imagination. Now that you are an adult, you know that the threat isn’t real and may even feel silly looking back on that old fear.

Overcoming negative thinking is a lot like waking up from a nightmare. It changes your perspective so you can get control over your thoughts and deal with them realistically. Instead of seeing only the bad outcome, you can see the potential for both good and bad outcomes.

To get control of negative thoughts, you must be able to recognise that your thoughts are hurting and not helping you. Are you turning all types of situations into catastrophes even though they don’t have to be? Our Cool Clam Collected Program is a useful method to change the way you think and expand your ability to tell reality from imagination.

How Cool Calm Collected Program Works

Stop Negative Thinking is a module to help you take control of negative thoughts. It will instil techniques that you can use anytime. Our Cool Calm Collected Program will help you stand back and look at your thoughts for what they are. Our program teaches you techniques that make it easier to respond to negative thoughts and keep you from getting caught up in the stories your imagination creates.

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