What is Catastrophizing?

Catastrophizing is the practice of thinking the worst, which is as old as the human species. Throughout time, both in reality and fiction, prophets have predicted major catastrophic events that they believed would occur in the future. Cassandra is a fictitious prophet known in Greek mythology while Nostradamus, who made his first predictions in 1555, is considered the most renowned prophet in history.

In reality, people don’t really have the gift of prophecy. They aren’t able to know the future before it happens. It is only in your imagination that you cause the outcome to turn out badly. You begin to listen to your negative thoughts without objectivity. When you always think that everything will work out for the worst, you can encourage the worst-case scenario to come about.

Why Catastrophizing or Thinking the Worst Isn’t All Bad or All Good

The ability to “prophesize” negative outcomes isn’t all bad. It gives you the ideas you need to come up with backup plans. If the worst-case scenario happens, you’ve already thought it through. But like any powerful tool, this ability comes with some risks. It is great when you use it correctly but it can be a problem when you go too far.

The problem with using your skill to project future outcomes is that your imagination can get carried away. Instead of looking at both the best and worst outcomes, it may turn even the simplest events into a major production! A laser-focus on what can go wrong can ignite fear and anxiety that translate into a negative outlook on your life. Not only do you expect everything to turn out wrong; you no longer see any point in trying to change the outcome.

Stop Catastrophizing Stop Thinking the Worst and Improve Your Perspective on Life

How Our Cool Calm Collected Program Can Help

The goal of the program is to return control of your imagination to you. “Our program to “stop thinking the worst” is designed to help people who are no longer able to think objectively and see the potential for good outcomes in any situation.

The program offers growing benefits as you listen regularly to the downloads. As you regain control of your imagination, you will learn not to expect the worst of people and events. Your responses will become more measured, waiting to get more facts before you draw conclusions.

Our program will help you become more aware of positive outcomes so you can look at both the pros and cons of any event. You will be more willing to take risks and try new things because you have a newfound trust in yourself to handle whatever comes your way.

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