There are several methods for anxiety treatment including medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and talking therapies. However one of the most effective anxiety treatment is self-hypnosis, which has been demonstrated to be highly effective.

Powerful Self-Hypnosis

Anxiety TreatmentSelf-hypnosis primarily enables a person suffering from anxiety to develop new thinking patterns under the guidance hypnotic audio and video produced by leading educational institute like Self Hypnosis Academy. Who’s courses on how to deal with anxiety will train a person to self-induce a ‘hypnotic’ state, ideal for calming the mind, and slowing down whirling thoughts.

A review by Hammond (2010)* demonstrated that the inclusion of self-hypnosis with other treatment modalities commonly improves the outcomes obtained by other therapeutic modalities alone. Hammond also states that self-hypnosis training has been demonstrated to be a rapid, cost-effective, non-addictive, side effect free and safe alternative to medication for anxiety treatment.

How Self-Hypnosis Works

Self-hypnosis can deal with the discovery and desensitisation of the underlying issues that have caused the anxiety disorders. While the person is in the hypnotic state, relaxed and suggestible, listening to hypnotic recordings will relief anxiety symptoms caused by past events in a person’s life or re-programming mind with new positive thinking patterns.

It may be that a person is not aware of what is anxiety or even what causes anxiety. And self-hypnosis is an ideal tool to facilitate the uncovering of these negative thinking patterns. Hypnotic video and audio recordings can then be used to help a person to learn how to deal with anxiety, once and for all.

A person can learn tools such as the AWARE technique, to use in their everyday life which will help them how to deal with anxiety. Self-hypnosis can give a person with anxiety disorders a permanent, drug-free solution that has lasting results. Learn more about Self Hypnosis Academy and their course for how to deal with anxiety.

*Hammond, D.C. (2010) Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety and stress-related disorders

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