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We all feel anxiety from time to time and, in many cases, it can help drive us forward. But sometimes you may have too much of a good thing. When anxiety lasts for a period of time without a known cause, it can have a serious impact on the person’s life. Even the simplest tasks become overwhelming.

I experienced anxiety when I was going through a job retrenchment and I did what most people do and visit their local Doctor. I was told very little about what is anxiety, what causes anxiety, and the associated anxiety symptoms.

So, the first step towards dealing with anxiety is to understand, what is anxiety, the associated anxiety symptoms and what causes anxiety. I didn’t know at the time, when I was suffering from anxiety, taking a prescription medication to manage my anxiety that my negative thinking, that my worrying, my catastrophizing was the main cause. I didn’t know back then that if you worrying about every little thing, it can affect both your mind and your body.

Take Control of Anxiety Now

I learn about the various anxiety disorders, types of anxiety and about alternative anxiety treatment to prescription medications such as hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, hypnosis is a great tool to help you regain control of your thinking which helps to control your nerves.

I then applied these techniques to myself first and then to my clients in my hypnotherapy clinic in Sydney Australia and in my life coaching business.

I have now developed our Calm Cool Collected program using self-hypnosis techniques, you will learn to change your thought patterns and stop negative thoughts from building. We offer a program that you can go through in the comfort of home. The program is a 4-part video series that teaches you step-by-step how to overcome anxiety so you can begin to enjoy life again.

People don’t all experience anxiety at the same level. You may feel butterflies in your stomach when faced with certain situations. More severe physical symptoms include stomach upsets, diarrhoea, or nausea. Anxiety can also lead to panic attacks, including dizziness and shortness of breath. You may also have a range of psychological symptoms, including insomnia, problems focusing, and always thinking the worst.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is the result of a hormone being released into the body. Negative thinking, catastrophizing and/or worrying can trigger anxiety. These thoughts cause too much of the anxiety hormone, cortisone, to be released causing the anxiety symptoms to grow more severe.

Normally, anxiety can prevent you from getting too close to dangerous situations. Being over-anxious means that you feel fear even when you are completely safe. You may start to avoid places and events when there is no real danger.

How Self-Hypnosis Program Helps

Our self-hypnosis program teaches you the techniques you need to change your thought patterns. It stops the pattern of fear building on fear that leads to the most severe anxiety symptoms. Our course, designed by Clinical Hypnotherapist George Swan, will help you achieve the feeling of having a great weight lifted off your shoulders.

Following our course, you will have more control of your emotions and feel more relaxed in general. Enrol in our Overcome Anxiety course and take command of your emotions so you can start enjoying life more.

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